It’s not a dump, it’s a transfer station!

If you know a guy like me, you may think they’re fun, quirky, outgoing, humorous, and perhaps a bit flighty. If you’re married to a guy like me, you are probably exhausted.

It took me a long time to find out what drives me and makes me tick. Along the way, I’ve met other people that are similar to me. New ideas are the alarm clock that wakes us up in the morning. We can’t remember to put new soap in the shower because our minds are thinking about the new possibilities that woke us up. We act on the ideas first and analyze them later. Nothing is more fun than creating something new. Nothing is worse than following it through to the end.

I call these people “shinies” because they are always distracted by something shiny and new. And most of the time, I feel like I’m the leader of the pack. Not because I’m an actual leader, I’m just really good at being a shiny! I’m so good at it, that I’ve had to create processes to get out of my own way. Effective to keep me on track… Yes! Fun for me in any way… No!

Which brings us right here. This is my place for dumping the shiny, but as stated, it more of a transfer station. It’s not all garbage. Some of it might get recycled and some of it might even be pulled out because it wasn’t garbage at all. In any case, this is my ultimate destination. There are no rules, grammar and punctuation don’t matter, and I get to be as shiny as I want.

Thanks for stopping by. Please wipe off your feet before you come in.