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Nestled in the heart of western Colorado, Fruita is a hidden gem for outdoor enthusiasts. Known for its world-class mountain biking trails, this cool little town recently added a new trail that allows riders to enjoy the stunning beauty of the region while following the meandering path of the Colorado River.

As I set out on the Cyclete, the morning sun cast a warm glow upon the river and the landscape which never disappoints in that area. We started from the James M. Robb – Colorado River State Park with immediate access to the river and the trail. The new section of the bike trail was one I had not ridden before. It gracefully follows the twists and turns of the Colorado River on a newly completed concrete path. Riding the Cyclete in that environment is like floating down the trail rather than riding. In the right gear at a nice slow pace, the ride is effortless. We eventually kicked it up a notch and encountered some hilly areas that provided more of a workout.

One of the most captivating aspects of this trail is the abundance of nature along the way. We hadn’t been riding long when we stopped to watch a bald eagle soaring and circling above the river with a few smaller birds flanking the operation. There was also plenty of human wildlife along the route. We watched a small motorized boat unloading into the fast-running water as well as some kayakers making great time moving downstream with the help of an amazing winter runoff. We even discovered a small lake when people were waterskiing with no boats, just a pully system that dragged them around the lake in a big oval pattern.

We did a fantastic out-and-back and ended up in downtown Fruita visiting brewery row for lunch. It may not be called that but it’s appropriate considering all three local breweries are right there including two that are next door to each other. Although I had mounted my handlebar bag on the Cyclete to easily store my keys, phone, and wallet, I neglected to include the wallet so we had to ride back and get it to avoid doing dishes to pay for lunch. We’ve tried all the breweries in Fruita which are all good but we ate lunch at Basecamp which was really good. They are the new kid on the block in Fruita with their original location in Grand Junction. If you get to the area, try it out, you won’t be disappointed.

So much for the adventure ride on the Cyclete. I’ve really enjoyed jumping on and riding locally but it was amazing to get it out in one of my favorite spots in Colorado. When I could mountain bike back in the day, we rode Fruita every year for about ten years in a row. Although it’s a different experience on the bike paths, it was incredible to be back riding in that area and the Cyclete was the perfect partner to help me enjoy it!

Cheers from beautiful Fruita Colorado!