I started riding Stand Up bikes in 2009 and have owned tons of them over the years including bikes built in France, Germany, Denmark and the good ole USA. In short, I’m pretty well versed and I’ve been very impressed with the latest addition… Enter The Cyclete! I’ll be talking a lot about this machine in future posts because there’s so much to talk about. I call this a Boutique Stand Up because it is unique, and cool, and there’s not a lot of them out there yet. But there should be. For now, I’m sharing my very first ride on the Cyclete. 

This is a 360 video so feel free to click and drag the video to look around in every direction. Check out the shifting performance, the pedal stroke, the huge tires, and the ease in which I glide down the road. If you want to see even more, links are included below the video. Enjoy! 

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