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A lot of people ask the question. We already have road bikes, mountain bikes, tricycles, recumbent bikes, cruisers, and on and on. Why in the world do we need another type of “bike”? Well, for many of us that choose to “Stand Up And Ride”, the story is one of injury.  The more people I talk to in this sport, the more I find out that we are an elite group of people who can’t do what we once loved, so we’ve explored new options to continue our love of exercise and the great outdoors.  Some of us are hard core competitive athletes with bad knees, hips, or backs because of the years of abuse we’ve dished out to our bodies. Some of us are recreational enthusiasts that have suffered from prolonged exposure to bike seats and can’t sit on them anymore. Some of us crashed severely, fell victim to a disease, or simply realized that we’re getting older and need a new way to do things. Regardless of the reason, we are all thankful that the “Stand Up And Ride” movement has made its debut and is gaining popularity.

But let’s also shout out to the folks in that have joined the sport simply because they have realized the benefits it provides.  Stand Up Riders get the advantage of great body positioning and very low impact to the joints. In addition, the workout encompasses more than a single muscle groups. Because you are standing and balancing while you ride, the workout encompasses your core and can be more intense. After all, many of us ride, run or walk simply to exercise and keep in shape so why not use the most efficient workout possible with the least negative impact to the body?

In addition to overcoming personal workout obstacles and providing a great workout, another added benefit is the fun factor. Ultimately, even if we’re trying to stay in shape, the activity must be fun. Downhill skiing provides a good workout when you do it right but most people ski because it’s a fun activity. Stand Up Riding delivers that too. The machines available today all deliver different results in terms of fitness and fun, but across the board, they all do both.  It’s a great feeling to get on my ride of choice every day and be transported back to my childhood where I take my new toy outside to play with it, all the time knowing that I’m not a kid anymore and every mile I ride is one that’s improving my fitness level and quality of life.  So to answer the question, that  is why we “Stand Up And Ride”.