I recently got an email asking if I liked my Cyclete and if I would recommend getting one. The short answer was Yes!! and Yes!! However, let me expand on that a little.

The Cyclete has blown me away from the minute it arrived in the shipping box. I could tell when opening the box that the components used on it are high end and the engineering is really unique. It was incredibly easy to put together as there were just a few things that needed to be done. I posted the time lapse video on the You Tube channel so check it out by clicking this link.

It was really helpful to watch the video provided by Cyclete before putting it together just to make sure I was doing everything right. Everything went perfectly and in no time, I was ready to take it out for the first ride. 


If you haven’t seen the 360 video of my first ride on the Cyclete, take a look at the “Enter The Cyclete” post on this site. Other than being impressed with comfort and smoothness of the ride, I’ve detailed a few things below that jumped out at me on my first ride.

Tires – The big 29″ aggressive tires solve a problem that needed to be solved. Historically, many Stand Ups have small tires. This helps keep the rider closer to the ground in the standing position since the tires keep the frame of the machine lower to the ground. However, small tires don’t roll over things like potholes or debris like big tires do and I know many people who have suffered the wrath of the asphalt or concrete because of it. Additionally, many Stand Ups have a smooth, high PSI tire that increases the roll of the tire and provides a smoother ride. However, I’m one of many that have experienced those tires sliding out from under me while carving a corner in wet or dirt covered situations. The design of the Cyclete provides a low-to-the-ground riding position even with the big tires which is safer. Big tires roll great on their own and they don’t have to be inflated to an insane pressure to get a smooth ride.  It’s smooth, stable, comfortable, safe, and efficient.

Pedal Stroke  – Watch the video and listen. The pedal stroke is as smooth and versatile as it is quiet. Many Stand Ups are trying to emulate or imitate walking, running, stepping, or biking. The Cyclete seems to have created it’s own motion by the sliding of the platform along a rail attached to a circular sprocket. The now defunct “Dreamslide” from France had a similar feel to it although it accomplished it in a slightly different way. I always thought the pedal stroke of that machine was brilliant even though it had some other issues related to stability and safety. The Cyclete’s pedal stroke is even better than the Dreamslide because the motion is flatter and longer which makes it more comfortable, efficient, and easy on the knees.

The DetailsCharles R Swindoll said “The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail.” Agreed! While some people will just enjoy the ride, I like to look at why I enjoy the ride because I’ve ridden such a variety of Stand Ups.  Yes the Cyclete is comfortable but why? Well, we already talked about the tires helping in that department but I think the design of the frame is huge. The frame allows the rider to stand up naturally without pressure on the hands or any bending or contorting to get into riding position. There is a chain and a belt which sync together to enhance the ride and performance. The components used on the bike are awesome and include front and rear disc brakes. All the shifting is done with one hand using a finger and a thumb to work through 12 gears. The rollers are place under the foot platform and the rail that drives the rear wheel slides on top of the roller. This may not make sense but it’s important because it keeps dirt and rocks from getting stuck and interfering in the motion so all you get is a smooth pedal stroke. Finally, quiet… that’s right quiet. Not all Stand Ups provide a quiet riding experience but the Cyclete does and I personally notice it and appreciated it.