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Hey folks, just a heads-up… this article was posted in 2012 and the LYRIC company is no longer in business. It’s a shame because it’s a great electric solution and I still have two of them. But, don’t get your hopes up about getting one unless you want to buy one of mine. Having said that, carry on with your reading. Here’s the original post:

When I originally started looking at the LYRIC, I wasn’t sure if it was something that I needed or wanted considering I have machines for every occasion and I enjoy some exercise when I ride. However, the one thing that really intrigued me was the ability to take it off-road. Like most of the rides I have, the more I ride this machine, the more I like it.

The thing that I didn’t anticipate is how much I would like the LYRIC and how much it can actually do. The LYRIC company calls their machines PTVs (Personal Transportation Vehicles) which is accurate but also part of the reason I wasn’t sure if I wanted or needed one. I have a truck for transportation and a motorcycle for gas savings and fun. If I want to save even more gas I can jump on a number of other rides to get from point “A” to point “B” as long as it’s not too far away, I don’t have passengers, and I have the time to make the ride. So again, why do I need the LYRIC? Well, with all those options, maybe I don’t “need” it but I can tell you I’m really glad I have it.

The niche the LYRIC fills for me is fast and comfortable commuting. It is without a doubt the fastest ride I have with the ability to cruise at over 20 mph. Some of my rides can’t even reach the same speeds in the flats much less maintain it. It cuts even more time off a trip when I take advantage of its ability to take on dirt roads and trails. Not only can it ride on dirt but it can maintain speed on it because of its stability.

A few weeks ago, I used the LYRIC to return a movie to a store that was about 15 miles away from my house. The route included a paved bike path, improved dirt, a little street, and just a touch of single track.  In addition, there was about 500 vertical feet of elevation gain during the course of the round-trip ride. The following day, I used my fastest human-powered ride to return another rented movie. I had to stay off the dirt but still did the same route with just a few minor adjustments for paved surfaces. The LYRIC made the trip in half the time providing a smooth comfortable ride the whole time.

I’m not sure I’ve ever really considered comfort when it comes to riding. I think “It doesn’t hurt” or “It’s not uncomfortable” is more the phrases I’ve used to describe my riding experiences in the past. The suspension on the LYRIC combined with the big front tire really provides riding comfort and a sense of security knowing that you’re not going to be taken out by the next random pothole that jumps in your way. Once you get familiar with riding it, you flow with the machine gently leaning side to side to make your turns as the platform tilts subtly but securely under your feet. The front and rear shocks absorb everything below your tires as you almost float down the road. This is a rare feature in the Stand Up world as most of the machines are sans suspension and feeling the road and all its imperfections is an unfortunate consequence of the ride. It’s not a feature you notice immediately but the more you ride, the more you become aware that this is a luxurious experience when it comes to riding.

Finally, my commuting experience is complete with this ride because of the storage capabilities of this machine. I manufacture and resell bags specifically for Stand Ups because there is a real need for them in the industry. I have bags, belts, and pouches to store things on every ride I own except the LYRIC. I can fit one of my handlebar bags on it but I just don’t need it. With the hard case on the back, I carry clothes, locks, food, water, or anything else I want to take with me and know that it’s safe from theft or weather.

The LYRIC has earned my respect. Most of my Stand Up Rides were purchased with certain expectations and while some of them met or even exceeded those expectations, the LYRIC has stepped up to be the biggest surprise of the bunch. I anticipated a great off-road experience from it which it absolutely provides, but after that, it continued to rack up points and has become one of the rides I use the most. It’s fun, fast, safe, and very reasonably priced in the field of Stand-Ups.