Update – January 2016

Good news! I recently talked to the VP of marketing at Zike. Not only did I learn a little more about their company, they are sending a Zike Saber to me so I can give it a ride and a review. They may also send the Slingshot at some point which I’m very curious about. Stay tuned and as soon as I have adequate miles under the tires, you’ll know more about Zike.

It will be interesting to compare my thoughts below (having never ridden a Zike) with an actual review (coming soon).

Zike Bikes for adults are one of the most affordable ways to get into Stand Up riding. I think the Zike Bikes would be a fun riding experience that delivers a decent workout in a relatively short amount of time. I do not think that these bikes are made for distance riding or hill climbing. Like most stepper bikes, it would be surprising if the bike could take on a sustained climb of more than 5% or so. Relatively flat and paved environment is most likely where these bikes will do their best work.

The description that Zike provides on their website, Amazon, and other sites claim that it can take on hills with no problem. What they don’t specify is what kind of hill. Most bikes can drop a short mild hill with no problem but when I talk about hills, I refer to an actually climb. There’s a big difference. One review I read backed up my theory stating that he lived in a hilly area and can not ride it there. This isn’t a criticism of the bike, I just like people to know what to expect.

I’m curious about the Zike Bikes because of the claims they make in their descriptions of the bike and because of some of the reviews I’ve read. If the Zike can deliver all that it promises, then it would be by far the best value in the industry. However, I’ve ridden a lot of Stand Ups that have made a lot of claims and been disappointed when it came down to backing them up. There is a component of subjective interpretation that comes into play when actual data is absent. Distance, speed, hills, etc. can mean different things to different people. When I speak to these things, there’s some comparison to other products in the market. There is also a factor of reasonable expectation on my part which discounts the fact that a single rider or handful of them could back up the claim. If the claim is made, then it should be in reach for the majority of riders.

This is why I think Zike would be a fun bike to have to tackle terrain that a single speed or even a three speed bike could take on. And there’s nothing wrong with that. I found that there is a fit for everyone’s needs in this market. It’s just important to get the right fit, and not be disappointed once you hit the trail.