I’ve been talking with the Carva guys now for several months because I’m really curious about their machine. I’ve looked at all the information on their website and am really excited that they’ve addressed some of the issues I have with the Streetstrider. When we last talked a month or so ago, they were working on some things and wanted to talk again when they had a few things hammered out. I talked to them this week and I’m now more excited than I was before.

(Update: The Carva is no longer in production and really never was. The company pretty much just disappeared.)

In talking with these guys, I’ve found out they are skiers, mountain bikers, and triathletes (and perhaps more). In short, they are serious about their outdoor activity. It sounds like the Carva is a passion project they want to get right and not a money-making gimmick they want to get to market. It also seems that they’ve listened intently to their potential customers and have focused on their own experiences as riders to create a very well-rounded solution.

Like I said, I’m excited to get a hold of the Carva and put it through its paces.  Oh and to answer the question, from what I’m finding out, the answer is a resounding “No”, The Carva is not just another StreetStrider.