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Stand Up And Ride

Well hello there! Glad you stopped by. I’m pretty excited to be working on this website again. I originally built the Stand Up And Ride website in 2010 and posted my first blog post in November of that year. I was very active with it for about six years. After about eight years, I took it down and moved on to other projects.

However, I recently got re-energized with a brand new product and I’m happy to say “I’m back baby”! I dug through some of my favorite archive posts and included them here to go along with all the new stuff coming your way. I hope you’ll enjoy the old and the new as the focus will be a little different this time. 

Welcome to Stand Up And Ride!

Stand Up Riding Events

If you haven’t participated in a biking event using a Stand Up Ride, you really should. I you Stand Up And Ride, then you’re accustomed to the looks and comments you get when riding down the street but taking part in an actual biking event takes it to the next level....

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Comparing Stand Up Rides – Don’t Be Embarrassed

If you’re thinking about getting into Stand Up Riding, then you may be comparing different rides in terms of capabilities, price, components, etc. These are all things that should be looked at and I will compare all of them and more in upcoming posts. However, the...

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Why Stand Up And Ride?

A lot of people ask the question. We already have road bikes, mountain bikes, tricycles, recumbent bikes, cruisers, and on and on. Why in the world do we need another type of “bike”? Well, for many of us that choose to “Stand Up And Ride”, the story is one of...

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