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If you ride, there is always a chance that you’ll fall. In fact, there is a good chance you will fall in some capacity. You can’t plan for it but you can be prepared for it. A small first aid kit is a great thing to carry with you when you ride. If things go as planned, it will sit in the bottom of the bag on your bike collecting dust until you decided riding is no longer for you. However, if you enjoy riding, then at some point, you might need to dig it out, unwrap it, and put it to good use.

Magic thinking doesn’t apply to first aid kits. Just because you carry one doesn’t doom you to an inevitable and horrific crash to be realized at some future point in time. It’s just a smart thing to have on board and can make a huge difference if a wreck does happen. It can even be used if you come up on someone else that needs some help.

Crashing while riding standing up can sometimes cause some real damage. Be prepared. If you don’t want to get a small first aid kit, throw some band-aids into your bag or carry a rag. What’s really important is to simply give consideration to the possibility of a crash. Many people don’t plan because they don’t consider the possibility. Then if it does happen, they’re stuck.