Using Drones In Real Estate

Can drones really help in selling real estate? The short answer is…absolutely. But let’s look at the big answer. Not all real estate is the same, and drones can be more effective for some properties than others. Drones show important sales features from the air, and provide opportunities that many real estate professionals aren’t aware of.

Many realtors simply envision a unique aerial perspective of the structure when they think of a drone photo that will catch a potential buyer’s eye. But that’s just one thing a drone can provide. Good real estate drone photos will give a current look at the structure, the property, the surrounding features, proximity to amenities, and more. Buyers are generally looking at more than just the structure, so it’s beneficial to show the whole picture to attract more potential buyers.

Aerial video of a property is a great way to showcase on an even more comprehensive level. Video is especially effective on bigger properties where lots of acreage is an important selling point. Even on smaller properties, video draws a potential buyer in and shows selling features in a unique, and captivating way.

If real estate agents really want to be creative, they can take advantage of some of the other things a drone can provide. A simple roof inspection by drone that the agent provides to the home owner is a nice little extra that many home owners appreciate. Drones are capable of many things, so there are many possibilities for the creative realtor to market the property, and market themselves when using a drone service.

Many articles have been written citing statistics about how much drones help in selling real estate.¬†Ultimately, the drone footage isn’t what closes the sale, but done right, it can create more interest in the property, which equates to more showings, which is what everyone wants when selling a property.