Stand Up And Ride

In 2009, I had a brilliant idea to build an elliptical machine that could be ridden outside. When I started to research how I would go about it, I found that I was not the only one with this brilliant idea, and in fact, I was just a little late to the party. Not much, but enough.

The Streetstrider was already designed and being made by hand in America. I purchased one of the last American made units before they started making them overseas.  This was the start of Stand Up And Ride, but I didn’t know it at the time.

The following year, the ElliptiGO came onto the market and I became a sales rep for them in Colorado. That gig only lasted a few months because they changed their sales approach and began selling through brick and mortar stores instead of independent reps.

The ElliptiGO was brand new and had very few accessories available. The standing position on the bike combined with a backpack to carry water and gear made for a lot of neck strain for me personally. I decided to make some bags for the bike for a more comfortable ride. I had a friend help me with the sewing and soon I had a prototype that worked pretty well. I approached the company about partnering with me in producing the bags for their bike but they weren’t interested but had no problem with me doing it independently.

I found a company in Texas that would produce the bags in small quantities and put in my orders. Soon, I had hundreds of bags in my garage ready for sale. I built a website and began selling the bags online. It was a great success and people loved the bags.

My original website was called “Gear For The GO” and my tagline was “Stand Up And Ride” which focused on the bags I’d created specifically for the ElliptiGO. I soon decided to expand my reach to include all stand-up bikes, and changed the website and the brand to “Stand Up And Ride”.

It was a fun project and I ran it for several years, but the market wasn’t big enough to support it full-time so it was always just a side project. However, in the time I ran it, I designed, manufactured, and sold bags, hats, T-shirts, and bike jerseys. I also partnered with other companies to sell products like helmets, gloves, etc.

In the end, it got to be more stressful than fun so I sold the bag business but kept “Stand Up And Ride” and even trademarked it. It took me a while to decide what to do with it but here it is.

If you’ve ever enjoyed something because of the journey, not the destination, then you get it. STANDUPANDRIDE is about life through journey. It’s about learning through experiences as you travel the road. The destination isn’t important and there’s no rush to get there. You simply “Stand Up And Ride”.