Paid Advertising

Paid advertising can be a good way to market in the background as you go about your day. There are countless opportunities for paid advertising and if you’re going to invest money in advertising, you need to pick the right avenue for your goals and your budget.

A cold call from your local newspaper selling ad space shouldn’t be the way you get into paid advertising. If you’re going to do it, decide how to hit your target market, how much you’re going to spend, and how you’re going to track your results. It’s important to be able to track how your advertisements are performing so that you can make adjustments if needed and decide if you’ve chosen the right avenue. 

The easiest, most affordable, and most flexible way to advertise is digital. Many social media platforms and search engines offer paid advertising options. By using these platforms, you can specifically target your audience based on many factors including location, age, interests, and much more. Unlike many more traditional advertising options, digital ads generally have no long term commitments and you get to choose how much you want to spend.

The flexibility in digital advertising makes it easy to push ads harder when times are slow or back them off when the work starts piling up. Perhaps the biggest benefit of digital advertising is the ability to track the results. This gives you a good understanding of how people are responding to your ads so that you can make good decisions about how to move forward with them.