Free Social Media To Promote Your Drone Business

Social media can be a great marketing tool to help promote your drone business. Although paid advertising is available through many social media channels, there are some things you can do for free that will help get you noticed, and maybe even land a few jobs. The free techniques discussed here are pretty soft marketing, so don’t build your marketing strategy around them, or think that this is the magic wand that gets you clients instantly. This is a soft approach to get people to notice you and your drone business.

Getting a potential client’s attention can sometimes be difficult. You may not know the chain of command so you may not be talking to the right person in an email, on the phone, or even in person. Marketing materials dropped off at an office might never be seen by the people that should be seeing them. And many times, your marketing material may not strike a chord with the client you’re going after. If you can reach the right person with the right material, chances are, you’ll get their attention. There are a few ways to approach this, and social media tagging is one.

Perhaps your potential client is a construction company in your area. It doesn’t take much time to drive by one of their job sites and put the drone up for a money shot of the entire project. Then, post it on your social media channels as a marketing piece. In the description of the picture, tag your potential client and even utilize hashtags to reach a bigger potential market.

Your description can be whatever is appropriate but by tagging/mentioning your potential client, they will know you’re talking to them. In addition, you’re probably reaching the right people. In bigger companies, it could be the marketing department, which is beneficial. In smaller companies, you may be reaching the decision-maker directly. You’re also giving them content that resonates with them because it’s their project.

Here’s an example of a description you might include with the photo of the construction site. “Great progress being made on the @ABCstore by @GeneralContractor. #YourCity #ABCstores”. You’ve now tagged the general contractor and the owner that’s building the project. If there were other companies on the project you wanted to reach, you could tag them too. The hashtags make the post appear in other places with others that are posting about “YourCity” or the “ABCstores”.

  • This approach can be applied to just about any potential client or market you are trying to reach, but be smart about it.
  • Follow The Rules – Make sure your flight is legal and you obey all applicable local rules and regulations.
  • Don’t Show Too Much – Shots that are too close and show too much detail might make your potential client angry.
  • Expect A Re-post – It’s very likely that the potential client might ask to use your photo, share it, etc. Have your answer prepared.
  • Not One And Done – It will most likely take more than a tagged picture to land the client. Make your plan for future posts.

Remember, this is a technique to grab attention, and that may be all it is if you don’t have a plan. If you want the client, get their attention but be prepared for your next steps. They may reply to your post. Don’t be afraid to ask if you can drop marketing materials by their office. Offer to show them your portfolio, or ask if there’s another project they’d like to see from the air. Try to start a dialog once you have their attention, and see where it goes. They probably won’t hire you from a social media post, but if you can get them engaged, then you can show them how you can help them, and why they should hire you. That’s when you’ll get their business.