Essential Marketing Materials

Before you waste a lot of money on marketing materials, make sure you know what you need to correctly hit your target market. Too many people jump in and get what they think they need without knowing what they need. That mistake has been made many times by many people. It’s disappointing to spend money on something that isn’t effective in moving your business forward.

We have provided a tool to help you figure out what you need. Read the post called “How To Prioritize your Marketing“. Take some time with the worksheet and follow the instructions to get a better understanding of what you need and where to start. 

Even after going through the marketing priority exercise, you may not realize that some marketing tools are essential especially if you’ve never had your own company before. The marketing essentials we talk about here have more to offer than you might think. They are critical pieces of your marketing effort not only immediately, but in the future when your marketing efforts become more sophisticated. 

The Company Logo

A company logo is sometimes overlooked as something you need first. But your logo goes on everything including websites, social media, business cards, brochures, and more. It’s your corporate brand that represents you and your company. It can be debated that the quality and professionalism of the logo are equally important to speak to your audience, but you need to have something to represent your company. Regardless of how much you spend on your logo or who designs it, keep in mind that it’s something that will be with you for a while. Re-branding a company can be logistically challenging and sometimes expensive. Keep that in mind when you start considering how you want your logo designed and what you want to spend. 

Your Company Website

If you’re going to be in business you need to have a website. A website is the backbone of your marketing efforts and shows your potential clients that you are legitimate. Social media accounts are not a replacement for a company website, they play a support role for your website. A website is your resume, business card, and brochure all wrapped up into one online solution. It provides the opportunity for search engines to find your company and is where all your marketing efforts are directed. It may be the single most important marketing tool you can have. 

Knowing how important your website is should help you decide how to move forward in creating one. There are many options to create your own website and there are plenty of people that you can hire to create one for you for. Read the post about “Building A Website” before deciding on how to proceed. It will provide more detail to help you decide what’s right for you. 

A Business Email

You may not consider email marketing essential but it is and it’s important to consider how it’s set up and how it presents to your clients and potential clients. We all have at least one email account or perhaps several. Email is one of the primary ways we communicate these days and you should have a dedicated email account that’s professional. While you can get away with “” or something similar, the better solution is to tie it to the domain name that you choose for your website. “” is a more professional approach and certainly better than using a personal account like “”. Read “Building A Website” to learn more about choosing a good domain name.

Business Cards

In a world of electronics and technology, you would think that a better solution than traditional printed business cards exists, but it doesn’t. There are many electronic business card solutions available and it may be worth downloading an app and having that option available. But get some traditional printed business cards to carry with you always. Put them in your wallet, your purse, your vehicle, and your drone case. Printed business cards are still a marketing essential and you’ll find you pass them out at events, business meetings, conferences, and even on job sites. It’s still the go-to way to get your contact information into the hands of anyone you’re talking to face-to-face.

Social Media

Yes, social media accounts made our list of essentials and for a good reason. Social media has become more than “social”. In business, social media is used to get the attention of potential clients, display your portfolio, promote your expertise, and even provide a platform for advertising campaigns.

Many people shy away from social media because they don’t want to use it, but it can help with search engine optimization and even driving people back to the backbone of your marketing efforts… your website. Don’t dismiss social media. It is a powerful addition to your marketing when you do it correctly.  Part of doing it correctly is choosing the correct social media platforms to reach your target audience. Read “Using Social Media For Business” for more about choosing the right platforms.

Non-essential Marketing Materials

To find out what marketing materials you don’t need, use the marketing priority sheet in the “How To Prioritize your Marketing” article in the Business Intel section.

Many people make the mistake of spending too much on items that provide too little. Promotional items like pens or coffee mugs with your logo on them may be very cool but you have to determine if they give the desired results. If the intent is to get business by passing out hundreds of them to strangers, you may be disappointed and find that the same money spent could have been dedicated to a more effective solution to acquire new clients.

There are many avenues available to market your drone business but you have to decide what will be most effective and still stay within your budget.