Educate Your Market

As FAA certified remote pilots, it is in our best interest to keep the hobbyist out of the commercial market. We feel that the most effective way to do this is by educating our markets. Remember, there is a lot of bad information out there, and most people are not versed on the rules and regulations that exist for drones.

We think the most effective way to educate businesses about drones is to speak to how their business can be impacted by drones. Not only the benefits of using drones, but the liability and potential risks that are associated with it. Business owners may not respond to a potential fine by the FAA, especially when the chances are very slim that they would get fined, or it would have to actually pay it.

However, business owners pay attention to liability and insurance issues. Lawsuits are a reality for many business owners, and they want to make sure they are not involved in one, or if they are, they have insurance for it. Our approach to market education is based on liability and insurance issues for the business owner. When you speak their language, they will listen.

This graphic explains may things that most people don’t understand when it comes to using drones in business.

  • Many things can cause lawsuits, not just a crash
  • Hobby vs. commercial must be understood
  • Employee vs contractor is incredibly important
  • Remote Pilot Certification is absolutely necessary
  • Drones require special insurance because they are aircraft
  • General liability coverage may not cover drone operations

When businesses understand what’s at risk, they view drones differently. Qualified, certified, and insured takes on a new meaning for them, and they don’t want to hire someone without insurance, or let their employees do the work.

Educating your market is well worth the time and effort.