Drone Solutions During The Coronavirus Crisis

The coronavirus crisis has changed our lives, at least temporarily. It’s very possible we will also see changes in the way business is done even after the crisis is over. Now is the time to start thinking about short term and long term solutions if you want to stay in the drone business. As drone pilots, we have a superpower when it comes to social distancing and now is the time to promote that. Check out this article about keeping the economy moving using drones.  It has some great ideas on how drone companies are using their superpowers during this crisis.

Regardless of what you can or will offer during this crisis, the same old question lingers for many. How do you get people to hire you especially now that so many businesses are laying employees off, scaling back, or working from home? Here are a few thoughts that may help you reach the people that need your help.

1) Update your website to include a page about the services you offer specifically related to the crisis. This gives people a landing spot to get right to the information that is important to them now. It also gives you a link to provide when you start promoting your services on social media, through email and other places.

2) Start posting to promote your services and include the link to the webpage you created. Hit all your social media channels with an emphasis on the platforms that focus on business. Post it on your Google My Business account and any others that list your site as a business.

3) Create a blog post on your website that gives more detail on the services you provide related to the crisis. Tell a story about a successful project that utilized your services during the crisis (If you have one). Include pictures from jobs that are relevant. Give examples of industries and businesses that would benefit from your services. In short, paint a picture that tells a story that people will understand.

4) Start promoting your blog post in the same way you promoted your webpage in #2.

5) Consider utilizing paid advertising on social media and don’t be afraid to ask your social media audience and friends to share your posts. The more exposure, the better.

6) Continue to post your page and your blog post frequently. This is not a one-and-done effort. Be diligent and creative so that it’s the same message but different enough so that it’s not “repetitive” to your audience.

There are even more ways to get your message out and you should find what works best for you. Remember, the goal is to show people what you can do. Educating people on what drones can produce is still one of the biggest challenges we face as drone service providers. 

I had a creative idea this morning that I wanted to share. There are a lot of people out of work right now that might be willing to help get the word out about the use of drones during this crisis. Think about offering a commission to anyone that brings in work for you. Structure it how you like, but someone might be willing to push your content on their social media channels for a cut of the jobs they produce. The bigger the cut, the more attractive it would be to them. Use the hashtag “coronadroneproject” when posting about it.   

In this strange time when companies are being forced to conduct business differently than they ever have, we have an opportunity to help them with solutions they have never needed before. We have something valuable to offer and if we can deliver that message, then we can actually help companies that are laying employees off, scaling back, or working from home.