Discovering The Client Need

As the UAS industry grows, there will be countless new applications for the use of drones. As a drone operator, you should become knowledgeable about your potential clients, their processes, and how you can help them in new, and innovative ways using drone technology.  In order to sell drone services to a prospective customer, there should be a solid understanding of the value of the service offered, as it relates to their situation. In bridge construction, manpower, time, hard costs, and safety are big factors. By understanding these key benefits, we can better understand how to introduce (sell) the idea of using drones to prospective clients. We interviewed a bridge inspector to find out if drones would be valuable to help in the inspection process as the bridge was constructed. We focused on some key points to get the information we were looking for:

  • Where, when and how the inspections take place.
  • What is currently done by people and could be done by a drone instead?
  • Could drones do it better, faster, cheaper or safer?
  • How and where to potentially get these types of contracts.
  • How to price this type of work and other considerations.

Even if bridge inspections are not something that you will pursue in your drone business, it might be time well spent to watch the interview to see how we learned about this potential clients needs, and where drones could benefit the process. It may have application to markets you want to go after in your business.