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Here’s a little video of The Mountain Stepper (MTS) by Streetstepper. Everyone has been asking to see it in action and wants to know how it performs. Check out the video, and then read keep reading below to find out.

I’ve been spending a lot of time on this bike and I continue to be impressed. But I’ll be honest, this isn’t a bike for sissies…at least not in a single-track environment. If you stay in the flats, you can probably have a nice easy cruise if that’s what you want. Not me. This bike has brought back the excitement and challenge that sucked me into mountain biking in the first place. This is the real deal but the MTS takes it up a notch.

The workout you get on this bike is phenomenal but it’s tough. It takes a lot of skill, technique, concentration, and focus to ride this bike well. Not to say it’s a hard bike to ride, it isn’t. Anyone that can ride a bike can ride the MTS. But it’s a hard-core bike that rewards you appropriately for your level of commitment. If you want to take on tough terrain, you’ll have to work for it. Even downhill takes a toll, although you don’t really notice because you’re having so much fun.

When we shot the video, I traded bikes with my buddy for a little while to let him try it. Not only was he impressed with the MTS, but I was also disappointed in his traditional mountain bike. After being on the MTS, it felt like cheating to ride his bike. As I said, the MTS is not for sissies, and I love that about it.