Although you might think this is a political post, it’s really not. Read on McDuff and I’ll explain.

I remember my father telling me stories about WWII. Not the front line stories, but the homefront stories of his family living in Colorado during the war. He was just a kid, born in 1930. I’ve always been amazed at hearing how our country came together as a whole to fight the war… at least that’s what his stories would indicate. Gas was rationed and they would save cans and other metal items to contribute to the effort to build bombs. It seemed like everyone was on the same page and forging ahead as a single powerful unit.

When I hear “Make America Great Again”, my father’s stories fill my head and heart with the hope that we could return to a time of unity and focus in our country. But it’s hard to hear those words and have any hope at all these days. “Make America Great Again” has become simply “MAGA”. A term that represents a deep division, right vs. wrong, blue vs. red. There is no understanding, compassion, unity, or even respect for one another anymore. It certainly represents another time in our country, but not the one I’d like to return to.

Now, you might think I’m about to blame the person that branded “MAGA”, but I’m not. It’s our fault. You and me. We haven’t shown each other respect. We’ve made it about right vs. wrong. We’ve made it blue vs. red. It’s us, we’re the problem and sadly, I thought we were better than that.

The people at the top that usually get the blame for this are simply feeding us what they know we’ll eat. And although I’m a chicken guy, what they’re serving up is sheep. More specifically sheeple. Yup, the insulting term that both sides use to degrade the other. It’s hot of the grill and we’re all lining up for seconds and thirds. We’re all sheeple because we’re listening instead of thinking for ourselves. We look for information that supports our personal narrative instead of just looking for information. We watch specific news stations and listen to specific radio shows not to gain knowledge, but to hear the hosts back up what we already believe. We repost things on social media without even knowing if it’s accurate because it feels good to know we’re right. But we’re wrong.

As long as we allow others to feed us the information they want us to have, we’ll never be able to think for ourselves. And even worse, we all think we already think for ourselves. But we generally don’t. Both sides are insanely proud that they are independent thinkers and that the opposing side simply follows along like a herd of zombies looking for fresh brains to eat. But nobody listens with open ears anymore. We don’t hear what others are saying because we’re too busy crafting our response to their stupid commentary that is obviously wrong. Fortunately, we have the right answer and we’re more than happy to enlighten them with it if they would just shut the hell up, and listen to us for a minute. 

We will never “Make America Great Again” because it means different things to different people. What one person thinks is great, another will not, and we won’t convince them otherwise because we don’t want to hear what they’re saying. I want to travel back to a time when we worked together despite our differences. But I fear that if I did, I might find out that the stories my father told were just an innocent but ignorant view of the world as seen through the eyes of a young boy.

I think a better approach would be “Make America Great Period”. Perhaps we could all get behind that one.