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If you want to be successful in business, you have to be smart… really smart… the smartest. You must be the smartest person in the room at all times. Sometimes this is difficult because you might not know everything, but fear not, we have a few tips to get around that technicality.

It helps to surround yourself with quality people. Ask for their input and ideas… and then shoot them down. This is a great way to show others how smart you really are. By dismissing other people’s suggestions, it shows that you know more than they do and at the same time, establishes your dominance over your employees, coworkers, and friends. There will be some great ideas presented to you–don’t panic, and stay the course. Simply dismiss them as garbage, but take a note of them. These will be things you put a slight spin on later, and present as your own idea. You might even be amazed at your own smartness once you’ve implemented this routine in your daily business practices.

Another great technique for being Sir Large Brain Of Smart Town is the magic of argument. If you argue your point hard enough, people will see you are right… and smart! Now, you don’t have to be right, you have to be convincing. Most people won’t ever check the facts. If you argue correctly, most people will simply walk away due to exhaustion. They may even mutter under their breath about how brilliant you are. Mission accomplished! At some point, you will take on a worthy adversary. Again, don’t panic. This could be an expert in a specific field or someone that just has more knowledge or insight. If you feel you are losing the argument, walk away without letting them know you’re on your heels. A disgusted head shake without saying a word will let everyone know that you are simply too smart to have this conversation.

Location location location. Dumb people live in dumb places. You don’t want you smartness to be questioned due to your location, so live where other smart people live. There are many good choices and they are easy to find if you know what to look for. Talk to the people that live there. They should ooze smartness. Let them know you’re from out of town and watch their reaction. If you don’t get the feeling that you’re stupid, you’re not in the right spot. Once you’ve found your own personal smartville, get networking. As a local, it’s easy to meet people and show them your most fashionable and stylish smartypants. Soon you will find that you’re an established part of a smart community that can look down on others as a group. This is a powerful place to be and a really smart move on your part.

Finally, make sure you know how smart you are. Once you convince yourself that you’re the smartest person in the room, it will be easy to convince the other idiots in that room. This is sometimes harder than you think, the world is a big place with lots of rooms. You may experience self-doubt when you see how many smart people are out there. Remember, they are not as smart as you. They may have knowledge or education or experience, but you have self-affirmations. That’s right, techniques can only take you so far. You’re going to actually step up and change the way you think about yourself…at your core. This is the key. Get out of bed every morning and look in the mirror and repeat this phrase: “I AM SMARTER THAN YOU!”. Say it a hundred times per morning if that what it takes. Once you convince yourself that you’re smarter than yourself, then you have arrived. Congratulations, you are now without a doubt, the smartest person in any and all rooms.

Now take all your smartness and rock the business world. You are poised to lead your company greatness!