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Well hello there! Glad you stopped by. I’m pretty excited to be working on this website again. I originally built the Stand Up And Ride website in 2010 and posted my first blog post in November of that year. I was very active with it for about six years. After about eight years, I took it down and moved on to other projects.

However, I recently got re-energized with a brand new product and I’m happy to say “I’m back baby”! I dug through some of my favorite archive posts and included them here to go along with all the new stuff coming your way. I hope you’ll enjoy the old and the new as the focus will be a little different this time. 

Welcome to Stand Up And Ride!

Finding Balance At 50

OK, I've got a confession to make. People that know me, and who have ridden with me already know this but I'm going to let everyone else in on it too. I'm a very average rider, and I'm not ashamed of it. I ride a lot of different Stand Up bikes but I'm not an all...

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Zike Bikes For Adults

Update - January 2016 Good news! I recently talked to the VP of marketing at Zike. Not only did I learn a little more about their company, they are sending a Zike Saber to me so I can give it a ride and a review. They may also send the Slingshot at some point...

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Ride Safe – First Aid Kits

If you ride, there is always a chance that you'll fall. In fact, there is a good chance you will fall in some capacity. You can't plan for it but you can be prepared for it. A small first aid kit is a great thing to carry with you when you ride. If things go as...

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Ride Safe – Stay Upright

If you've ever fallen will riding a Stand Up, you know it can cause some damage and inflict some pain. It's not something you want to experience if you can help it. Here are some tips to help you stay upright when you ride. 1) When you have to cross a bigger than...

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Mountain Stepper

Here's a little video of The Mountain Stepper (MTS) by Streetstepper. Everyone has been asking to see it in action and wants to know how it performs. Check out the video, and then read keep reading below to find out. I've been spending a lot of time on this bike and I...

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Ride Your Own Ride

Remember the time before social media when all the bragging and story telling about the big ride happened over a beer on the patio? These days, the chest beating and tall tales of accomplishment have taken to the web especially in the Stand Up Riding communities. It's...

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The Trikke Skki: First Impressions

This season, I decided to see what the Trikke Skki could offer to a guy that’s past his bone jarring prime but is still looking for a good challenge. I was actually very surprised with my first experience.

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The Carva: Is it just another Streetstrider?

I’ve been talking with the Carva guys now for several months because I’m really curious about their machine. I’ve looked at all the information on their website and am really excited that they’ve addressed some of the issues I have with the Streetstrider. When we last...

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