Streetstrider vs ElliptiGO, which one is better? We get this questions a lot and it really boils down to what you want to do with the equipment. The Streetstrider was designed to basically take the elliptical machine out of the gym and put it on wheels so you could ride it outside. The ElliptiGO was designed to emulate running, their tag line is “Run without impact”.  If you are looking to go out for 30 or 40 minutes and get a good workout cruising around the streets and the parks, then the Streetstrider will give you that workout. However, if your plan is make a commute out of it and go to a destination that includes a workout, then I’d look harder at the ElliptiGO.

Here are a few important things to consider when comparing the two rides:

1) Terrain – Consider hills and if the roads are crowned to help drainage. The ElliptiGO climbs hills better than the Strider and is unaffected by the crowned roads. When riding the SS on a crowned road or anything that leans to the left or right, you have to lean against the slope to keep it riding straight. This puts your body in an awkward riding position. When it comes to going downhill or going fast, I find the ElliptiGO more stable. You should also consider the width of the typical riding path you’ll be on. Since the ElliptiGO has two wheels, it is more agile in navigating narrow paths. The SS has two wheels up front so does not maneuver as easily through narrow spaces.

2) Workout Efficiency – If the terrain is flat ahead of you and on the sides of you, I think the Streetstrider gives you a heftier workout in less time and will involve more muscles since you’re using your arms to help propel you. In short, it will wear you out in a short amount of time. The ElliptiGO will give you a great workout but you’ll probably cover more ground to get the same calorie burn. Both machines will help your core because of the movement involved.

3) Transporting It – Both machines are heavier than traditional bikes. The ElliptiGO is just under 40 lbs and the SS around 50. They are also both long so even though both have folding features, I think they are both a little harder to transport than traditional bikes. Consider how you will transport it if you’re planning on taking it somewhere to ride. Some people struggle transporting both machines until they find a solution that is specific to the vehicle they drive.

4) Pedal Stroke – The SS has a flat platform that your foot goes on. It stays pretty much flat as it goes through the pedal stroke. The platform is designed to be bigger than your foot to allow you to move your foot to the front of the platform when you are cruising and back towards the rear wheel if you need more torque or power going up hills. The ElliptiGO foot platform is very different and has the runners kick designed into it. When your foot is near the front of the bike it is in a slight toe down position. As your foot moves to the back of the stroke the foot position becomes increasingly more toe down and the pedal gently “picks up” your foot and places it back down at the front of the stroke.

5) Body Mechanics – Many people are looking into these two options because they have an injury or condition that keeps them from partaking in traditional mainstream fitness options (like biking). If you do have an injury or something that’s pushing towards this option, it’s worth trying both machines since they have very different engineering.

Summary – We believe ElliptiGO has done a better job with the engineering of the pedal stroke and delivers a quality low impact workout that involves your core and legs. The SS pedal stroke is not as impressive so we find you have to learn to use more upper body as part of the drive component to compensate. The SS definitely involves more arms, chest, lats and calvs but less quads. The core workout you get on both is hard to compare but you do get it with both machines. Cardio is comparable; it’s just a matter of how hard you want to push and how hard you ride.

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