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Years ago I designed the GFY logo. There was a running joke with some people I knew and we would tell the person “GFY” as an appropriate response to a burn, cut, or other sly comment. When asked what that meant, we would always respond with “Good For You”, even though we all knew that wasn’t what was really meant. Keeping it clean here, we’ll just say the it really meant Go “Find” Yourself. If you’re not following at this point, lower your standards. Anyway, I found this logo and thought it really applied to what’s happening with Stand Up And Ride, so I wanted to explain the back story, and give some practical examples of how to use appropriately.

Let’s say you’re in a conversation with a someone you know and they something like “it’s just a phrase so we can use it”. The appropriate response would be GFY (Good For You).

Here’s another example. Say you offer to sell something to someone and they say no thank you. Then later, they take it without paying you for it. You know, maybe gum in a store, or a bike, or something like that. They have it, they didn’t pay for it, and you need to comment on the way they acquired the possession. Once again, GFY (Good For You) is an incredibly appropriate response.

Hopefully by now, there is a solid understanding of how to present GFY and what it means. I sincerely hope that the logo I designed isn’t worked into a future marketing campaign for some big company. I’m a little naive about things so I guess it might be and there’s not too much I could do about it. I guess if it happens, I’ll just call them up and say Good For You!