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Stand Up And Ride is a website focused on human powered bikes/machines that are seat-less and operated while in a standing position. While this might sound a little strange, adopters of this type of exercise and transportation will attest to the many benefits that these machines deliver. The low impact experience is generally easier on the body than traditional bikes or running. Many companies have realized the need for traditional exercise replacements and have brought their creative minds and engineering expertise to the table to develop some unique and effective solutions. This website helps consumers learn about the different options available, and helps companies promote their products.

Stand Up And Ride was established in 2010, and since then, we’ve ridden and reviewed many machines in the industry. Although we have our preferences and opinions about each machine, we try not to influence consumers with our opinions. We realize that each rider is as different as each machine. The key is figuring out what machine is best for each rider’s abilities, needs, budget, and so on. We hope our website provides some insight to help figure that out. We truly believe that each machine has it’s place in the market.

Our reviews are designed to point out each machines strong points, and weak points based on our review criteria. By doing this, it also points out where we feel the machine fits best into the market. Our Blog is a little more opinionated and includes many of our personal experiences with the machines, events, rides, and the companies.

We hope you enjoy the site.

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