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Stand Up And Ride

Ken created Stand Up And Ride way back in 2010 as a tagline that went along with the bags he designed and manufactured. It quickly became his domain, website, logo, and corporate branding. Since then, the phrase and the logo have been put on shirts, hats, bags, rags, glasses, jerseys, and many other items. Over the years, thousands of items have been purchased with the brand proudly displayed on them.

With the release of their new bike (the SUB), the Elliptigo company started using Stand Up And Ride in their advertising and on their website. We did not give permission, nor did they asked for it. We offered to sell Stand Up And Ride to them in 2015, but they were not interested. We contacted the CEO of Elliptigo, and he stated that “it is just a phrase”, so they can use it. We strongly disagree, but we are not surprised at their actions. We’re extremely disappointed especially considering the history we’ve had with Elliptigo for so many years. But you can’t dictate ethics.

We have debated where to go from here. The passion we had for the industry has been crushed over time, and this most recent slap in the face is the nail in the coffin for Stand Up And Ride. The website will remain, and we will continue to post content related to our story, but the reviews and industry news won’t be a part of our new direction. We think it’s important to let the people that supported us over the years know exactly why we ended up here, and telling our story will do just that.


Looking For Bags? now sells all the bags. Same great bags, different website.


Stand Up And Ride Bags

Stand Up And Ride Bags

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